Starting in June, 2017 BAT KOL RADIO NEW YORK 1520 AM Radio will be on the air Monday through Thursday from 2:00 PM till
4:30 PM, and Sunday from 12:00 PM till 4:30 PM.

We, Alla and Alexnder Yakubov have been husband and wife team buying and selling real estate for almost quarter of a century. We and all the processionals that directly connected to this industry, who proved themselves worthy of working with, will help you save and make your purchase, sale, finance and everything and anything that will arise to successfully win the deal in more cases then none. We and our associates in the real estate industry can find or be partners with you ourselves in any venture that make sense. Your purchase, sale and management in Florida and Israel we can assist there as well. When there is an issue concerning loans that banks will not finance, there are landers that will and we can make that introduction and save deals. To these shows we will invite specialists and entrepreneurs who will share their experiences so making a deal happen, be a win win for you.

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