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We appreciate and respect all input of our listeners, whom all of this is about. Bat Kol Radio NY was created to bring much needed information to create more informed Bukharian Jewish Public, and to introduce ideas and products that our community had no exposure to before. We promise that any and all requests of Bukharian Jews from where ever they hear us, we the management team will measure all possibilities to bring to YOU our listeners every little bit of information that will benefit our listeners and not in any way harm. We work hard to make it possible with you in mind.

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Advertise With BAT KOL RADIO


BAT KOL RADIO NEW YORK will be on the air Monday through Thursday from 2:00 PM till 4:30 PM, and Sunday from 12:00 PM till 4:30 PM.  

Contact us to find out about our exciting advertising packages that fit your budget!

The only Bukharian Jewish radio broadcast station in New York and frankly speaking in the world.  

Here is an opportunity to advertise to unique market direct in Brooklyn and Queens to around 100.000 on the radio. Within that number we have  over 50,000 Bukharian Jewish members living here in New York’s boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens  and we are expanding to Nassau county as well.  Additionally there are well over  500.000 listeners on the internet in all US states and worldwide.

Even though any given commercial be aired here in NY, it will be in our archive to be viewed by all, so advertisers advantage is that it will be heard even after it aired. Advertisers banner can be on our website with the company link, for more advantages and optimal packages contact us directly.

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